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    Protective film has become ubiquitous in daily life

    2020-10-29 14:26:05

    As one of the most general packaging materials,protective film is ubiquitous in our days. There are countless types of protective film products, and its application policy involves all walks of life. For us now That said, without the protective film, our days have brought great inconvenience.

    When we go to the supermarket and go around, we will find that many products use protective film, such as boxed products, which are basically covered with a layer of film. This kind of film usually uses PVC heat shrinkable film. Excellent heat sealability, tightly wrap the packaging box; such as instant food, the outer packaging bag prototype is also a protective film product, which is a colorful packaging bag processed and printed by protective film; such as bulk meat, biscuits, etc. The packaging bag used for the product is made of PE protective film, which is the most used in film work; and the shopping bag that is finally used to hold things is also classified as a surface product.


    Several major tasks that are developing rapidly in China, such as manual paint spray guns, glass, steel, electronic products, automobiles, digital products, etc., will not lack the protective film, which is used as surface protection to prevent dust from falling, and insist on being The manual paint spray gun that protects the content is clean and avoids being lost or scratched during transportation.

    No matter what job or field, the protective film will play its important role. As long as there is a new product, the protective film will provide it with excellent surface protection like a patron saint and help it be shipped to all over the world.

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